19 enero 2011

Mohamed Arafa - Arras (Egipto) (2003)

Mohamed was born in Alexandria in 1966. From a very young age he began paying the darbuka. In 1989 he moved to Greece where he began his professional career. He has cooperated with the biggest names in the record industry in various types of Greek music.
In the period '95-'99 he was a member of the group of Haig Yazdjian. During the same period he participated in the concerts of the group of Michalis Nikoloudis and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. He has cooperated with Charoula Alexiou, Yiannis Parios, Anna Visy, Pashalis Terzis and many others. Now he is a member of the group of Makis Ablianitis.

Moving with ease from one side of the Greek music to the other, he has met many musicians. When he announced that he wanted to make a record, all his friends offered to give him compositions. This record was published on October 2003 with title Arras. Te album includes: Haig Yazdjian: voice, vocals, ud, chubus, mandura, keyboards;  Nihad Najar: vocals; Iraklis Vavatsikas: accordion; Michalis Touratzidis: accordion; Babis Kemanetzidis: kemenche;  Romeos Avlastimidis: kemenche, violin; Panos Dinitrakopoulos: kanun; Zisis Kasiaras: violin; Periklis Papapetropoulos: saz; Thanasis Vasilopoulos: clarinet; Vahan Galstian: duduk; Harris Labrakis: ney; Stavros Pazarentsis: clarinet, zournas, ney; Nikos Papadopoulos: tzouras, baglamas, keyboards; Yiotis Kiourtsoglou: bass.

Arras is Arabic music meets Armenia and Pontos, as well as Flamenco. Haig Yazdjian produced the album.

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